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Two Stories

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Published: October 01, 2018

About the Book

Hogarth Press's first publication appeared in 1917: Two Stories, bound in bright Japanese paper, contained a short story from both Virginia and Leonard Woolf. Typeset and bound by Virginia, with illustrations by Dora Carrington, 134 copies were printed by Leonard using a small handpress installed in the dining room at Hogarth House. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of "Publication No. 1," this new edition of Two Stories takes the original text of Virginia’s story, "The Mark on the Wall" (with illustrations by Dora Carrington), and pairs it with a new story, "St Brides Bay," by Mark Haddon, a lifelong reader of Virginia Woolf. Two Stories also includes a portrait of Virginia Woolf by Mark Haddon, and a short introduction from the publisher about the founding of the Press.