Treasures of Lakshmi's front cover

Treasures of Lakshmi The Goddess who Gives

Rs 800
Language : English
Published: February 27, 2024
Dimensions:5.31 x 8.5 x 0.76 inches
Weight:300 g

About the Book

Treasures of Lakshmi is the culmination of the much-loved goddess series, brilliantly curated and edited by Namita Gokhale and Malashri Lal. This trilogy, which began with In Search of Sita and continued with Finding Radha, examines the mystical realms of Hindu thought and practice, celebrating the essence of the sacred feminine. Whether it is Lakshmi's 108 names or a sahasranama of a thousand appellations, her blessings are multidimensional and eternal. as the third and final instalment of this remarkable trilogy, Treasures of Lakshmi takes readers on a unique journey of exploration, unravelling the compelling narrative of 'the goddess who gives'.