Toni Hagen photos of Kathmandu Valley 1950 to 1960's front cover

Toni Hagen photos of Kathmandu Valley 1950 to 1960

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Genre:Nepali History, Photography
Language : English

About the Book

The exhibition of Toni Hagen's photos from the fifties organized by Nepal Heritage Society at Nepal Art Council in 2017 was very successful. Therefore the Nepal Heritage Society decided to publish a book with pictures, the ones which have not been yet printed in his book 'Nepal'.

The pictures off the old days are somehow a cultural heritage. As Toni Hagen was the first foreigner who travelled for his geological survey all over the country, his photos and his films are of immense value not only for the archives but for the studies of the glaciers, as many of them have changed due to climate changes taking place through the century.

Most of these type of villages and houses which once existed cannnot be seen anymore. The different ethnic groups all had their special house architecture, where as most of the houses are built now in the same style.