Tibetan Painting

The Jucker Collection

Genre: Asian History, Arts
Language: English
Published: January 01, 2001


ISBN13: 9780906026564
ISBN10: 0906026563

About the Book

The paintings of the historical Buddha and his emanations are presented first, then bodhisattvas, historical and mythical figures, guardians of the Buddhist law, and tutelary deities. The final section of the book is devoted to rare Bardo paintings (images of gods that appear to the dead after death), black background scrolls, and mandalas. The collection closes with significant scroll paintings from the Bon tradition and is particularly impressive in its depictions of furious divinities, of whom thirty are copied. These paintings, which range in era from the late twelfth to the early twentieth centuries, were chosen due to their unique iconography or artistic qualities, or simply because they are stunning works of art. With the exception of a few gems, they have never been published before. The Jucker Collection provides new and intriguing information for the study of Tibetan holy art. Bibliography, glossary, and index are included.