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Thinking About History

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Language : English
Published: September 04, 2021
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About the Book

What distinguishes history as a discipline from other fields of study? That’s the question animating Sarah Maza’s Thinking About History, a general introduction to the field of history that revels in its eclecticism and highlights the inherent tensions and controversies that shape it.

This book is organized around big questions: Whose history do we write, and how does that affect what stories get told and how they are told? How did we come to view the nation as the inevitable context for history, and what happens when we move outside those boundaries? What is the relation among popular, academic, and public history, and how should we evaluate sources? What is the difference between description and interpretation, and how do we balance them? Maza provides choice examples in place of definitive answers, and the result is a book that will spark discussion and offer its readers a view of history as a vibrant, ever-changing field of inquiry that is thoroughly relevant to our daily lives.