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A Theory of Architecture

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Language : English
Published: December 01, 2013

About the Book

This architecture textbook, which has been under development for more than a decade, is helpful for all levels of architects, including first-year students, those enrolled in the senior design studio, graduate students completing Ph.D. dissertations in architectural theory, and seasoned practicing architects. It is extremely properly written so that even a starting architecture student may understand it. There is a true gold mine of design techniques in the information provided here.

This book shows the reader how to design while taking into account human needs and sensitivities while being independent of any specific style. Here, actual architectural knowledge has been compiled in a way that gives the field fresh clarity. It clarifies a lot of what people already know intuitively about architecture and presents that information in a clear, intelligible way for the first time.

Few practicing architects have Dr. Salingaros' expertise in the planning of the built environment. The later chapters of this new book deal with delicate subjects like what motivates architects to create the forms they do and why they have such a limited visual language. Is it individual creativity, or is there something else at play that they may not even be aware of? Such a book addressing the very core of architecture has not yet been published. Only Christopher Alexander, who also happens to be Dr. Salingaros' friend and architectural mentor, is capable of igniting the same level of enthusiasm (and controversy).