The Wealth Money Can't Buy's front cover
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The Wealth Money Can't Buy

Rs 800
Language: English
Published: April 09, 2024

About the Book

The Wealth Money Can’t Buy offers you a completely life-changing new philosophy and methodology for enjoying an honestly rich life, one filled with personal power, unusual authenticity, exceptionally fulfilling work and a beautiful lifestyle that will make you feel that real fortune has finally smiled on you.
Based on The 8 Forms of Wealth learning model that Robin Sharma—legendary personal growth expert and famed mentor to billionaires, professional sports superstars and heads of state—has taught to his clients with transforma-tional results, this masterwork is sure to become your daily guide to enjoying the lifetime of your highest dreams.
Discover the hidden habits to live your richest life and avoid the lasting regrets of potential unfulfilled
Real wealth is so much more than cash in the bank, flashy cars in the driveway and luxury vacations on exotic islands. Many financially prosperous people are very poor in the areas that truly matter for a life of happiness, healthiness, connectedness and peacefulness.
There’s no point in chasing the trappings of success that society has sold to us when the truth is that they mostly lead to emptiness, frustration and lasting regret. There is a much better way to live.
In The Wealth Money Can’t Buy, you will discover a life-altering system that will easily help you lead your richest life, the one that the strongest and wisest part of you knows you deserve to live, before it’s too late.
On the pages within, you’ll learn valuable instructions to master your destiny and experience true success, including:
• how to become a perfect moment creator 
• why your choice of mate is 90% of your joy 
• the power of “The 10,000 Dinners Question”
• top rules of authentically wealthy people 
• superb strategies for making your Project X
• ways to apply the special magic of wealth words
• the brilliance of going ghost for a year 
• when to put your last day first
Full of highly original insights, practical tools and transformational tactics, The Wealth Money Can’t Buy will cause profound increases in your positivity, productivity, prosperity and daily serenity. It's a work that will significantly raise the remainder of your life. Forever.