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The Ultimate Guide to Soccer Positions

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Published: December 04, 2013

About the Book

Learn The Secrets of any Soccer Position and Play The Best Game of Your Life

How to become a Prolific Goal-scorer

Desperate to improve your striking skills but lack the inside knowledge on how to do so? Want to know how to imitate the world’s best professional strikers? There are a few straightforward procedures you can undertake to achieve top striking ability. Read my book to find out how what they are and how to implement them. With the secrets contained within its pages, you will be equipped to become the amazing goal-scorer you always wanted to be!

How to Develop and Fine-tune your ‘Game Intelligence’

Success in soccer is not always down to having the best shot or dribbling skills. It also depends on game intelligence – the ability to read football with a tactical and pre-emptory eye. Like a game of chess, soccer requires cunning and know-how. You must defeat your opponent mentally as well as physically and technically.Game intelligence is a hard skill to teach, but my manual has uncovered the secret. With the tips contained within it you will be able to expand your game intelligence and your knowledge of the intricacies of playing soccer exponentially. Don’t waste any more time, start developing your game intelligence today!

How to Develop New Skills Quickly and Confidently

Ever tried to develop a new skill but been frustrated by failure? Ever tried something that the next footballer learns easily but you struggle to master? Learning new skills can often be an arduous task. However, the difficulties of obtaining new skills can be avoided with the information contained inside my manual. Using techniques popular among South American, and especially Brazilian, players, my guide will show you how to add new skills to your repertoire quickly and easily!

How to Become Immune to Mind-games and the Tricks of your Opponents

When opponents use dirty tactics to get under your skin, it can put you off your game and prevent your performance from reaching its full potential during a match.I will teach you how to gain immunity to such tactics and even show you how to turn them to your advantage by building up your mental strength. The method to doing this is easier than you’d think. Get reading today to find out!

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