The Stardust in Us
The Stardust in UsThe Stardust in Us

The Stardust in Us

When Astrophoile Poets Meet

Rs 449 Rs 499
Language: English
Published:June 24, 2023

From the backcover

Apurva Dev is lonesome with a wealthy life. After years in embracing unhappiness, and a lot of self-talk, he meets Tejashwi Shrestha. Upon encounter, he has an instant liking for her. They are art lovers and mad poets. Later, Tejashwi's intellect gets compromised, giving rise to numerous sudden adversities. Now, Apurva finds himself under the heaviness of his obligation and passion. With great dillema, he wanders helplessly, seeking relief from the life of hurting. But he is unaware of the remedy sitting right in front of him.

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