The Rebellion's front cover
The Rebellion's front coverThe Rebellion's back cover

The Rebellion A Collection of Contemporary Poems

Rs 120
Language : English
Published: November 01, 2021

About the Book

‘The Rebellion, A Collection of Contemporary Poems’ is an e-book of hundred and eight poems on diverse topics that explore life’s nuances and human nature’s blatancies as well as cherish the goodness. Some poems are in open form, some are
in narrative form, and others are in free verse and a few follow patterns of rhymes. They make enjoyable reads.

From the backcover

The leopard raised his head.
He saw the human girl.
He stepped aside
from the meat.
Slowly he climbed down...

She was mesmerised.
She tried to forget the peril.
Leopard in these parts
had attacked humans.
People had disappeared…

Excerpt from 'Leopard And Photographer’

'The Rebellion, A Collection of Contemporary Poems' embraces life in its various amusements and challenges, nuances and blatancies, dreams and despairs and invites readers to journey within the pages and discover a poetic adventure.

Medha Upreti, is a writer, translator and tutor based in Kathmandu. Her translation of TP Mainali's Nepali devotional poetry book 'Samarpan' in English titled 'Flames Of Devotion' was published in paperback in 2013 in Kathmandu.

Medha published her debut poetry book 'Musings On The Ordinary And The Mundane' in 2021 on 'The Rebellion' is her second poetry book.