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The Phoenix Economy Work, Life, and Money in the New Not Normal

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Language : English
Published: May 09, 2023


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About the Book

Winner of the 2023 SABEW Best in Business Book Award for Investing and Personal Finance

An award-winning journalist presents a tour-de-force analysis—drawing from history, economics, sociology, and popular culture—of the profound and transformative years of the early 2020s, both for individuals and for the global economy.

We are living in a strange worldSalmon calls it “the New Not Normal.” The Phoenix Economy explores the ramifications ofthe pandemic years, many of which are surprisinglypositive. In doing so, Salmon makes senseof one of the most disorienting and devastatingevents of our lifetimes. He examines the criticalaspects of our lives that have been transformed inthree parts: Time and Space, Mind and Body, andBusiness and Pleasure.

Salmon’s keen observations, on everything from meme stocks to lobster rolls, are backed by a deep understanding of financial markets and the quirks of human behavior. His clear-eyed perspective on human and economic events, combined with his considerable analytical and observational skills, make The Phoenix Economy an insightful, fast-paced read.

This book is essential for anyone wanting a better understanding of the near- and long-term effects of this new era and what they portend for our lives. It’s a penetrating insight into what happened—and, more important, what lies ahead.