The Other Queen

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Genre: Historical Fiction
Language: English
Published: 2018


Origin: Nepal
ISBN13: 9789937708333
ISBN10: 9937708338
Pages: 378

About the Book

The Other Queen provides an imaginative account of life as it was in the royal court of Nepal in the pre-Rana era. For the first time, this story candidly unveils the intimate life of Queen Rajendra Laxmi and how her reckless actions snowballed towards 14th September, 1846 AD, a ruinous night of delirious carnage, thus ending the era of the ruling dynasty and heralding the emergence of a rival faction.

From the backcover

Sheeba Shah writes about intrigue, betrayal, and passion with great verve in The Other Queen, offering readers a rare chance to reimagine the past from a woman's perspective. The narrator, Rajendra Lakshmi is the neglected wife of King Rajendra Bikram Shah of Nepal. She is also the sister of his better-loved wife, Queen Samrajya Lakshmi Devi. While focusing on the narrator's inner life, the author also shows how her fate is entwined with that of the nation. The story is as dramatic as it is enjoyable."

- Manjushree Thapa, author of All Of Us in Our Our Lives

"Cinematic! Sheeba Shah weaves meticulously researched history with a taut storyline to give us this tale of an extraordinary anti-heroine in The Other Queen."

- Prajwal Parajuly, author of The Gurkha's Daughter