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The Meditative Mind The Varieties of Meditative Experience

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Language: English
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Published: January 03, 1996

About the Book

From the New York Times Bestselling author, a classic interpretation of all varieties of meditation.

“Goleman’s wide-ranging meditative experience imbues the volume with an authority and authenticity . . . and continues to make his writings some of the liveliest available on meditation.”—
Publisher’s Weekly

The Meditative Mind is an essential traveler’s guide to the topography of the spirit for every spiritual seeker.

For the beginning meditator, the book provides a comprehensive, accessible overview of the different kinds of meditation, from Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Jewish, and Christian to Transcendental, Tantric, Kundalini, Tibeta Buddhist, Zen, and those developed by Gurdjeff and Krishnamurti, and introduces the reader to the basic elements of their practice.

For the experienced meditator, Goleman explores the distinct levels of consciousness developed as a result of long-term application.