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The Matcha Cookbook Discover the Health Benefits and Uses of Matcha, with 50 Delicious Recipes

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Genre:Cookbook, Food & Drinks
Language: English
Release: July 31, 2018


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About the Book

Discover the health benefits and uses of matcha, with 50 delicious recipes.

From a simple matcha latte to ice cream, infused salt, smoothie bowls, tea loaves and homemade beauty recipes,
The Matcha Cookbook explores the history, health benefits of match and offers 50 delicious recipes using this super healthy ingredient.

As an ingredient, matcha is growing in popularity with health foodies and wellness seekers, with over 2.7 million posts on Instagram.

Research shows that matcha can reduce the risk of cancer, improve heart health, aid recovery from exercise and help prevent ageing; the traditional matcha tea alone contains the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regular green tea, with 137 times more antioxidants, acting as the body's defence agents.