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The Glass Pearls

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Language: English
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Published: October 11, 2022

About the Book

This sinister tale of an ex-Nazi surgeon hiding in plain sight in 1960s London by the celebrated filmmaker is a forgotten feat of Hitchcockian noir.

Nothing is more inviting to disclose your secrets than to be told by others of their own ...

London, June 1965. Karl Braun arrives as a lodger in Pimlico: hatless, with a bow-tie, greying hair, slight in build. His new neighbours are intrigued by this cultured German gentleman who works as a piano tuner; many are fellow émigrés, who assume that he, like them, came to England to flee Hitler. That summer, Braun courts a woman, attends classical concerts, buys bacon, dances the twist. But as the newspapers fill with reports of the hunt for Nazi war criminals, his nightmares become increasingly worse …