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The Future Is Ours The Political Promise of India's Youth

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Genre:Politics & Government
Language: English
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Published: February 28, 2024

About the Book


We know the numbers and we have heard the speeches about how India's young are its future. Yet, what is the country doing to ensure that young Indians are prepared to participate in creating their own future? This book is part explanation and part a call to action to ensure more young people understand and participate in politics.

According to estimates by the UN Population Index, 70 per cent of India's 1.2 billion demographic is below 30. The census of 2011, in accordance with inflation, estimates that more than 650 million (or 47.5 per cent of India's population) are below the age of 25.

As India heads into the 2024 general elections, The Future Is Ours aims to foreground youth rights and representation. It includes a passionate call to lower the age of candidacy from 25 to 21-a campaign that covers all sides of the political spectrum and, if successful, will bring a huge number of India's young directly into the democratic process.