The Egghead Detective Agency's front cover

The Egghead Detective Agency Pika Nani

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Language: English
Dimensions:5.08 x 7.8 x 0.54 inches
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Published: November 08, 2022

About the Book

Has your pool turned pink recently? Are kidnappers after your pet chicken? Is an old forest in danger?

Sisters and little investigators, Tam and Ant cannot believe their eyes when they meet 'Egghead' right in their living room! The soon discover that he is, in fact, the ghost of a famous detective who was quite sought-after in his time. The girls now enlist his services for their detective agency-after all, the friendly ghost does come with great abilities.

Together they must solve the strange incidents that keep happening at their beloved Emerald Gardens-the quiet little residential complex.

What's more, YOU can help the detectives crack the cases with Solve It Yourself clues (SIY), picture puzzles, secret codes and more in this 5-in-1 chapter book!