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Temples of the Nepal Valley

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Genre:Religion, Nepal Geography
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About the Book

Traditional architecture in the Kathmandu Valley is dominated by temples. The temples with several roofs are what people notice most when they think of the Nepal Valley's (formerly known as Kathmandu Valley) appearance and aesthetic appeal. Numerous of these temples adhere to the Vastushastra, the traditional Hindu ritual design principles that have been passed down orally from ancient times. All of this is being done with a calm zeal and in a relaxing atmosphere. Jnana-Pravaha, which is located on the left bank of the sacred Uttaravahini Ganga, looks across the river at the old Ramnagar fort. The Kalamandapa (the Museum) offers a treasure trove of art dating from the pre-Mauryan epoch to the 20th century, while a well-equipped reference library on Indian culture, art, history, philosophy, literature, and related disciplines serves the needs of students and researchers. The book is divided into three sections: the first covers the history behind the Nepali temple's distinctiveness, the second covers the towns and temple sites, and the third covers the evolution of temple architecture over different historical eras. The rituals and symbolism, design ideas, building materials, and construction techniques of the tiered temple are the most complex.