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Tell Me your Dreams

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Language: English

About the Book

Tell Me Your Dreams is a novel by best-selling American author Sydney Sheldon. The book is about the lives of three very different women, and how events over the course of the story reveal that they are interconnected in a way no one would ever imagine.

Ashley Patterson is a hardworking woman in her late 20s. Her co-worker Toni Prescott is just the opposite: bold and vivacious, and Alette Peters is a shy artist. The protagonist Ashley fears that someone is following her, because she finds that her house and her belongings are not the way she left them. She requests for a police officer’s protection. However, the next morning, the man is found murdered in her apartment. Similarly, two other murders had taken place earlier, with identical patterns to the current one. Investigations begin, and the police force discover evidence pointing to the fact that all the three murders are connected to the same woman. This seems virtually impossible though, because all of them have taken place in different cities. A chance discovery leads them to stumble upon the truth, which shocks them all considerably. Tell Me Your Dreams is a dark, sinister and fast-paced novel on a subject which has intrigued the medical world for many years together.