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Tales of Kathmandu

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Genre:Stories, Religious & Spiritual Fiction, Myth & Legends Told as Fiction
Language: English

About the Book

Tales of Kathmandu – Karna Sakya;Linda Griffith | This book gives a comprehensive analysis of folklore in general, as well as a thematic and structural study of Nepalese folk tales. It draws comparisons between the genres of myths, legend and folklore, pointing out some little-known or forgotten characteristics of the later. This book helps the readers to understand the most interesting customs and traditions of Nepalese life-style. The stories in this book are collected from various ethnic groups living in different parts of Nepal. Emphasis is given to those tales of Newar and Parbate communities from Kathmandu Valley, which is the central point of Nepalese culture and civilization, and alsoa melting pot of Hinduism and Buddhism. The tales in this book represent only the important, authentic versions of recurrent themes, as well as many unique, original stories. Each tale is illustrated with a line sketch. The collection of these tales was partly made by author Karna Sakya during his treks to Dolpo, Langtang, Larkya, Thakhola, Lambagar and many other hill regions, in addition to the tarai. The readers will be intrigued by this eye-opener into Nepalese culture, where regligion and superstition are the way of life and where the ancient ways appear to be the most attractive and practical, even in today?s modern society.