Sustainable Tourism for Rural Development's front cover
Sustainable Tourism for Rural Development's front coverSustainable Tourism for Rural Development's back cover

Sustainable Tourism for Rural Development

Rs 500
Genre:Travel & Tourism
Language: English
Published: May 12, 2021

About the Book

Tourism is one of the most glamorous and the largest industries of the world creating the highest number of employments. The writers have realized all the complexities of the tourism industry and have tried to accommodate in this book as possible as they can. This book is written especially for the academic endeavor of tourism and to support higher studies. This is a management support text. So it would be helpful to have basic knowledge of management, economics, and marketing theories. It would prove a valuable source of information for both teachers and students. It is equally helpful to tourism managers and to others working in developing and promoting tourist destinations in Nepal. 

From the backcover

The author’s working experience of more than four decades in the industry and two decades of faculty knowledge proved to be an extremely valued source of information to blend theory into practice. Hence the book is successful to blend theory into practice and it will be very helpful tools to attain sustainable tourism.

“The writers have widely covered the subject matter of tourism in the book. The book is indeed worth reading as it covers the basic concept of tourism types, its components as well as explained how agro-based, eco-based or other forms of alternative rural tourism would be sustainable for rural development.” 

Prof.Dr. Pradeep Kumar Khadka  

“It is my pleasure to read your book “Sustainable Tourism for Rural Tourism”. I found the book very interesting, informative, analytical, and worth reading materials for amateur as well as those who are already in this industry. I am overwhelmed with the in-depth knowledge, both in academics and reality-based assessments. The authors have rightly opined that rural tourism could be the best alternative to ensure the sustainability of Nepal”.

Former Secretary of MoCTCA Dipendra Purush Dhakal 

“The book “Sustainable Tourism for Rural Development” written by Ananda Ghimire and Bimal Khadka is a holistic source of knowledge on tourism as a catalyst for rural development. The authors are credited to bring rural tourism as the impetus of rural development into the field of academia. This book will be very useful to the students of rural development and tourism. I hereby strongly recommend offering this as a coursebook”.

Prof. Dr. Ramesh Raj Kunwar

The writers have worked in-depth and so hard to make this book an important milestone content in rural development through sustainable tourism and perfectly addresses how the components of tourism and its major and niche activities contribute to the development of rural areas. This book has come out as an important source of knowledge for the students of tourism, tourism professionals, and all those who want to understand rural development through sustainable tourism in Nepal.

Khum Bahadur Subedi ,President,TAAN