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Silas Marner

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Genre:Adventure Fiction
Language: English
Dimensions:4.96 x 7.72 x 0.51 inches
Weight:158.76 g
Published: September 01, 2023

About the Book

An innocent young man is falsely accused of stealing Church money. With his life shattered, his trust in God lost and his heart broken, Silas leaves Lantern Yard for a rural area. He throws himself into his craft and comes to adore the gold coins he earns and hoards from his weaving. But a thief in the night changes everything, while Marner is away on business. The weaver has been punished, twice! But a snowy, cold night brings him salvation, instead, a little girl barely able to walk, comes into his home and lies down by the fireplace. Has heaven given him a replacement for his lost money? Will Silas keep her? This popular classic is a must-read for all! • A profound and powerful tale about love, loyalty, reward, punishment, fate, and fortitude • It perfectly captures the early years of the nineteenth century and still communicates its message today • Its writing style is notable for its strong realism and for covering various issues • This classic has been cherished by many generations • The characters and gripping plots will keep the readers hooked