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SEVA Sikh Secrets on how to be Good in the Real World

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Language: English
Release: July 01, 2021


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About the Book

Think of any scene of disaster and you’ll find Sikh\nvolunteers rallying to the site, feeding migrant workers,\nhelping riot victims and cleaning up after earthquakes\nand floods. Why has this 25\-million\-strong community\nbecome the world’s Good Samaritans? What is it about\ntheir values that makes so many of them do so much\ngood? And how is it that they’re also able to channel so\nmuch joy and laughter while serving langar to people\nfrom all backgrounds?\nThrough science\-based studies, interviews with Sikhs\nand using Sikhism’s history and fables, Sikh journalist\nJasreen Mayal Khanna unlocks eight rules for daily life.\nRules so simple and yet so transformative that anyone\ncan use them to become kinder and happier and lead a\nmore meaningful life. Seva is a beautiful, inspiring and\nmoving book that will change you from the inside out.