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See It and Say It in Spanish A Beginner's Guide to Learning Spanish the Word-and-Picture Way

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Genre:Language, Grammar & Vocabulary
Language : English
Published: October 01, 1961
Dimensions:4.13 x 6.88 x 0.55 inches
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About the Book

Master Spanish quickly and easily with this guide—written by internationally famous language teacher Margarita Madrigal—that has two built-in learning aids that has helped thousands of beginner students learn to speak Spanish.

THE WORD AND PICTURE METHOD—Each new word, phrase, or sentence is accompanied by a line drawing that immediately explains its meaning.

READY-MADE VOCABULARY—Right from the starts, this books leads you to speaking conversational Spanish. It utilizes everyday Spanish words and phrases that look and sound like their English equivalents.

Also includes:
• A traveler's word list
• A pronunciation guide
• A grammar section