Saving and Investing for Your Children's front cover

Saving and Investing for Your Children How to Build a Nest Egg for Your Family

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Language : English
Published: January 01, 2009
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About the Book

There have never been so many different choices available for parents and others wanting to save and invest for the next generation, but it's not always easy to know what kind of investments will be best in the long run. In this guide, Moira O'Neill helps the reader evaluate all the options and find the right savings and investment plan for the younger members of their family. Written in a lively and down-to-earth style, this guide contains all you need to know to make the most informed decision on how best to secure your children's (or grandchildren's) financial future. Topics covered include: choosing the best savings accounts; buying shares for your children; planning for private school or university fees; finding the right products to help you; and what to teach your kids about money. The Financial Intelligence series offers down-to-earth, practical guides to personal finance, aimed at anyone who wants to increase their financial IQ. These guides will help readers to feel confident about making the right decisions when it comes to spending, saving and investing their money.