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Rolex The Story Behind the Style

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Language: English
Release: April 16, 2024


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About the Book

Discover the story of Rolex, from its beginnings in 1905 to its current position as the most famous watch brand in the world.

Packed with photographs and information covering the company's entire history, you'll discover the ground-breaking designs and technology that made Rolex such a significant player in the business, the timeless designs favored by everyone from world leaders to movie stars, the range of professional watches designed for climbing, diving and other hardcore activities and how the crown became the Rolex emblem.

Find out about the major moments in history that were graced by the presence of a Rolex watch, and all the places it's traveled to across the globe, from the depths of the Mariana Trench to the summit of Everest.

With an exploration of everything from the brand's iconic movie appearances and Rolex's philanthropic efforts to its status as a collectible investment piece renowned for holding its value, 
Rolex: The Story Behind the Style is the perfect gift for watch lovers everywhere.