Retirement at Fifty
Retirement at FiftyRetirement at Fifty

Retirement at Fifty

Early to work and early to retire

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Genre:Business & Management
Language: English
Published:July 17, 2022
Dimensions:5.0 x 7.5 x 0.4 inches
Weight:300 g

About the Book

In the book, Dahal has shared his experiences relating to senior bankers such as Satyendra Pyara Shrestha, Anil Keshary Shah, Anil Gyawali, Rajan Singh Bhandari, Shovan Dev Pant, Gyanendra Dhungana, Ahok SJB Rana, Sashin Joshi and Radhesh Pant, among many others.

He has also shared some stories relating to former governors, industry leaders and various leaders.

Dahal will donate all his royalties from this book to social organizations.

From the backcover

After reading the manuscript of the book, I was excited to know that Sanima Bank, the youngest commercial bank, was a leading bank with regard to return on equity- a key figure all the investors are interested in. The book highlights the efforts and struggles Mr.Dahal and his team had to undergo to make Sanima Bank as one of the reputed banks. The book explains in a simple language the importance of team work, hard work and honesty for the succcess of a person and an organizatiom. The writer has frankly confessed his weakness and mistakes which many writers skip. Not only bankers and investors, every citizen of the country can take inspiration from the success story of Sanima Bank enumerated in this book. Many youngesters can take inspiration from Mr. Dahal because he became CEO of a commercial bank at the age of 42 and President of Nepal Bankers' Association at the age of 48 despite coming from a rural area.
This book has published the right things, in the right ways, for the reason in Nepal.
- Dr. Rajendra KC
Chairman, University of Three Generations

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