Research Methodology: Psychology / Social Work

Rs 595
Genre: Research
Language: English
Published: August 2021
Edition: First


Origin: Nepal
ISBN13: 9789937760447
ISBN10: 9937760445

About the Book

Research Methodology: Psychology/Social Work book is intended for MA and PGD students mainly. However, BA students can refer to the first six chapters to cover their syllabus. For MA, it covers Psy553 for the first semester and Psy558 for the second semester. For PGD (new course), it will be a guide for the thesis paper. MA students in Thesis Year can also find it handy as there are sample proposals, sample research articles, and sample consent forms. 

This book covers quantitative methods (including Statistics) and qualitative methods (with examples of real data). Students from other social science, in addition to Social Work and Psychology, also can find it useful.