Reading Nepali Transition (2006–2015)'s front cover

Reading Nepali Transition (2006–2015)

Edited by Pranab Kharel
Rs 700
Language : English
Published: September 25, 2022

About the Book

As a result of the People's Movement II's 2006 victory over an autocratic ruler, Nepal is now a federated secular republic. 2015 saw the promulgation of a new constitution following the tenure of two Constituent Assemblies. The greater political transformation that took place between those two years is the main topic of this book.

Reading Nepali Transition is divided into three sections. The first portion explores the claims made against the state during the drafting of the new constitution by the major social groupings and the state's response to those accusations. The second portion discusses the complex procedures of the two Constituent Assemblies and demonstrates how the nation's leading political figures were not committed to holding discussions there but instead engaged in political negotiations elsewhere. The final segment addresses the question of transitional justice for people who went missing during the ten-year conflict. It examines difficulties associated with the difficult process of disarming and reintegrating former Maoist fighters. All readers who desire to comprehend contemporary Nepal will find this book to be a helpful resource.