Table of Contents

Reprinting Rights Acknowledgments    vii
Preface    xi

Introduction    1
    Assessing Nepali Transition
     Pranab Kharel

Claim Making: Contestation and Remolding for Identities

1.    Debating Civil Society: Nagarik Samaj and Nagarik Discourse in Nepal’s People’s Movement II    37
        Chudamani Basnet

2.    Understanding Madhesi Contentions    65
        Bhaskar Gautam

3.    Politicizing Ethnicity: Tharu Contestation of Madheshi Identity in Nepal’s Tarai    97
        Krishna Pandey

4.    Writing Citizenship: Gender, Race and Tactical Alliances in Nepal’s Constitution Drafting    123
        Surabhi Pudasaini

5.    Indigenous People’s Struggle for Political Rights and Recognition: Constitution-making and Federal Design     163
        Mukta S. Tamang

6.    Chequered Trajectory of State Restructuring Process: A Study of Chhetri Mobilization    195
        Ujjwal Prasai

7.    Federalization and the Dalits    237
        Yam Bahadur Kisan

8.    Homogenization of Social Movement Dynamics under a “Clever” Nepali State, 2007–2012    261
        Lokranjan Parajuli

Constituent Assembly: A Space for Transformative Politics or Power Aggrandizement? 

9.    The Debilitating Dynamics of Nepal’s First Constituent Assembly (2008–2012)    293
        Martin Chautari

10.    Attendance and Process in Constituent Assembly-II    317
        Martin Chautari

11.    Participatory Constitution-making in Nepal (2008–2015)    333
        Krishna P. Khanal

A Long Wait: The Issue of Transitional Justice and the Future of Former Maoist Combatants

12.    The Politics of Loss in the People’s War and Its Aftermath: The Disappeared as Kin, Citizens and Warriors    383
        Ruth Marsden

13.    Transitional Justice as an Elite Discourse: Human Rights Practice Where the Global Meets the Local in Post-conflict Nepal    415
        Simon Robins

14.    Dealing with Ex-Combatants in a Negotiated Peace Process: Impacts of Transitional Politics on the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Program in Nepal    455
        DB Subedi

Notes on Contributors    489
Chronology of Major Events     493