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Purposeful Finding Greater Meaning and Engagement at Work

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Genre:Advice On Careers & Achieving Success
Language : English
Published: August 08, 2023


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About the Book

How do I find greater purpose at work?
How do I cultivate a mindset for greater professional engagement?
Should I stay in my current job or quit?
How do I fuel my purpose accelerators?
How are purposeful organizations built?

Backed with contemporary research from psychology, philosophy, management and business, expert insights and over two decades of experience in the field, Sandeep demonstrates how you can find your purpose and be more engaged at work.
You will learn about crafting your purpose action plan, climbing the pyramid of purpose, building an 'owning' mindset, understanding and using purpose accelerators, learning and applying skills that matter, ceasing to overthink and building resilience. Along with this, you will get actionable tips such as crafting a 'micro-purpose', which includes meaningful goals that can be achieved in a shorter period, and valuable advice from top leaders. This book will nudge you to embrace your purpose and ambitiously steer your career to achieve your potential at work and in life.