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Proposal of Non-partisan Democracy in Nepal

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About the Book

Nothing goes right if politics is wrong in a country. Nepal is one of the best examples of that. Politics has two parts- system and players. But in the case of Nepal, neither system worked well, nor the political players played fair. For the last seven decades, the country is suffering from a faulty political system and foul political players. Political instability, corrupt and incompetent leaders, impunity, and mismanagement have been the fate of the country since the beginning of the 1950s. Ever since political players in the country are intentionally making the politically unstable and created political syndicate so that they could play within it forever.
In the past seven decades, four different types of political systems were introduced in Nepal but none of them performed well. In all those four types of systems, political players manipulated and misused the systems to get the best out of it for themselves, but country and people always suffered. For many years, Nepal has become an experimental place to test different types of political systems making it always unstable and poor. So, to get out of the situation, and bring politics on the right track, we need a system that will be robust enough to prevent corrupt and incompetent political leaders to manipulate and misuse the system and at the same time, it will open the door for energetic, honest and competent young generation into the politics. 
The author argues that the current political syndicate must be broken to make to stabilize the political environment in Nepal. The author has proposed Non-partisan Democratic system as an alternative to bring back Nepal's political stability. The proposed system will bring honest new leaders on board, and the country will start heading towards the long-expected goal- peace, development, and prosperity.