Policy Brief
Policy BriefPolicy Brief

Policy Brief

Remittances in Nepal during COVID-19, resilient or slow crash?

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About the Book

Policy brief titled “Remittances in Nepal during COVID-19, resilient or slow crash?”. This brief is part of a larger study commissioned by The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)-UK in 2022. The objectives of this study were: - To examine why remittances in Nepal and South Asia remained resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic. - To understand whether remittances would remain resilient in the future or may, in fact, be slowly dwindling. - To understand, in granular detail, the origin and destination of remittance flows. - To examine shifts, if any, in remittance transmission modes pre- and post-pandemic, such as greater use of formal vs. informal channels, and examine its impact.



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