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Planet Earth III

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Published: January 16, 2024

About the Book

The iconic series that started it all returns: accompanying an 8-part program narrated by David Attenborough,Planet Earth IIItakes you closer than ever to the world's most fascinating animals and landscapes - and humanity's irrevocable impact upon them.

There are over 100 billion planets in our galaxy. Only one is home to life.

Ranging across seven dramatic habitats, from the depths of the ocean, to the scorching desert and into the to the darkest jungle,Planet Earth IIIshowcases places and animals from all corners of our amazing, unique, planet.

For the first time,
Planet Earth IIIintroduces a human element to each landscape - highlighting how, in the age of the Anthropocene, today's planet has been forever changed by humanity and that wildlife now faces new challenges in our crowded, modern world.

Using state-of-the-art photography techniques, the Planet Earth team has spent longer in the field than ever before, bringing you closer to some of the planet's most intriguing species, unseen landscapes and natural phenomena.

Planet Earth IIIdepicts the challenging lives of animals on an increasingly fragile planet, highlighting the deep interconnectivity of all life on Earth and championing the heroic lengths some are going to preserve the critical ecosystems of the planet we call home.