Plains of Discontent
Plains of DiscontentPlains of Discontent

Plains of Discontent

A Political History of Nepal's Tarai(1743-2019)

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Language: English
Dimensions:135.0 x 253.0 inches

From the backcover

Plains of Discontent sheds light on an often-overlooked aspect of the flatlands of the Tarai, where over 50% of the country's population resides. It is in the Tarai that bitter political movements and battles have taken place, raising fundamental questions about Nepali identity and the structure of Nepal as both a nation and a state. To fully comprehend the anger, resentment and discontent in the Tarai, the book argues, we must delve into its political history. Plains of Discontent is a must-read for all progressive democratic forces committed to building an inclusive and participatory democracy, both within and outside of Nepal. —Baburam Bhattarai, Former Prime Minister Merch has done a remarkable job of uncovering the historical ruins of the land and the shattered aspirations of the people in the Tarai. He has essentially resurrected a forgotten history. —C. K. Raut, President, Janamat Party

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