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Picturepedia, Second Edition

by DK
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Genre:Learning & Reference
Language: English


Dimensions:10.0 x 12.13 x 1.13 inches
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Published: October 06, 2015

About the Book

Science and technology, nature, geography, culture, sports and hobbies, and history all combine in this mind-blowing visual encyclopedia.

From incredible insects and musical instruments to spacecraft and prehistoric life, and from art and earthquakes to American football and dogs,
 Picturepedia gives you a world of information on every page.

Did you know that more than half of the human body's weight is water and that a koi carp can live for more than 200 years? Or how about there being more than 20,000 islands in the Pacific Ocean, or that Turkey eats the most bread, with each person getting through 104.6 kg (230.5 lb) of it per year?

First published in 2015, 
Picturepedia has been revamped into a more thrilling edition that will take you on a visual odyssey. This brilliant book is crammed with stunning photographs, gripping information, and explanatory diagrams that allow for fascinating discoveries.

New and updated and jam-packed with thousands of pictures and fascinating facts about science, nature, culture, sports, and history, 
Picturepedia is the ultimate visual encyclopedia.