The Philosophy of Infinite Learning

Genre: Self-help
Language: English
Published: January 01, 2020
Edition: 1st


Origin: India
ISBN13: 9789388519519
ISBN10: 9388519515
Pages: 292
Weight: 250 g

From the backcover

... His scientific and curious mind proves that he was born to be a philosopher. I hope his secret treasure of knowledge continues to flourish. I have not seen such curiosity and eagerness to learn in my entire teaching career. Writing a book is not a joke. He has reached the summit with this achievement. I feel proud to write a few words for your maiden endeavor'. - Keshab Shrestha (Vice Principal) Kabhre Secondary School

'Firstly, I would like to congratulate him on this huge achievement. I have found him as a brilliant student who thrives for knowledge. He used to raise analytical questions in my class. His ability to relate different subjects to explain nature is praiseworthy. His friend circle is amused by his ability to innovate in science and technology. These days he is busy formulating a model of the brain based on neuronal currents. I wish him a bright future ahead. - Aakash Pokheral (Nepalese Centre for Research in Physical Sciences) Chelsea International Academy