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Permanent Record (Young Readers Edition) How One Man Exposed the Truth about Government Spying and Digital Security

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Genre:History for Kids
Language: English
Release: February 09, 2021


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About the Book

A young reader’s adaptation of whistleblower and bestselling author Edward Snowden's memoir, Permanent Record―featuring a brand-new afterword that includes resources to learn about the basics of digital security.

In 2013, Edward Snowden shocked the world when he revealed that the United States government was secretly building a system of mass surveillance with the ability to gaze into the private lives of every person on earth. Phone calls, text messages, emails―nothing was safe from prying eyes. Now the man who risked everything to expose the truth about government spying describes for a new generation how he helped build that system, what motivated him to try to bring it down, and how young people can strive to protect their privacy in the digital age.

“Snowden's sprightly prose, his deep technical knowledge, his superb knack for explaining complex matters, his ability to articulate principled action all come together in a book that is, if anything, BETTER than the adult version.” ―Cory Doctorow,