Overlooked Faces of Nepal

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Genre: Political/Social
Language: English
Published: October 31, 2022
Edition: 1st


Origin: Nepal
ISBN13: 9789937746526
ISBN10: 9937746523

About the Book

This coloring book catalogs the real, relatable stories of the LGBTIQ+ community that is trying hard to have a dignified presence in Nepal. We hope that their stories, told through Mandala and Mithila art inspired drawings, will change the way we look at them.
Let’s not be afraid to live and love.
Let love grow in all forms.

From the backcover

I hope this book drives home the point that every human is unique and special, that we need to accept and let them live peacefully.

Dr. Arpana Pathak (Artist)

These artworks represent the lives of many Nepalese who chose to be themselves at the risk of persecution. More power to them. Let hope and life roar!

Dr. Paridhi Sharma (Artist)

This coloring book is an attempt to make Nepali society permissive to all forms of love.

Krishna Dhungana (Conceptualizer)

We need more conversations on LGBTIQA issues. This beautifully done coloring book is a step towards that

Malvika Subba (Advisor)

This coloring book brings together the journeys of people from the LGBTQIA+ community. The artworks offer a glimpse into our unique lives and highlight the issues shared by people all over. I hope we pick colors of triumph, reflect on these stories and give the book the love and energy that it deserves. One World!

Lex Limbu(Advisor)