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Off to Bihar (Discover India)

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Genre:History for Kids
Language : English
Published: March 19, 2018
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About the Book

Discover India state by state!
The Discover India series will take you on a grand tour of every single one of our country's states. Join the adorable Pushka and Mishki and the wise and witty Daadu Dolma as they traverse the length and breadth of India.
Meet nawabs in Andhra Pradesh, roam the highways of Haryana, learn the history of Odisha, study the culture of Bihar, explore the snow-laden valleys of Uttarakhand and pick up a new dance in Sikkim.
Each title is meticulously designed to create a tapestry of the cultural and historical riches of the individual states. Packed with puzzles, crosswords and dozens of other activities, these six books will entertain and enlighten young minds.