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Published: January 01, 2012

About the Book

Nehru: The Invention of India was published by Penguin India as a paperback in 2012 and is widely recognized as an international bestseller. with its cogent periodical investigation of Nehru's impact on India, the book presents itself as a nationalist biography by tracing Nehru's life, beliefs and policies with respect to the Indian nation's independence and developmental trajectory.Nehru: The Invention of India focusses in depth on the modernist legacy that Nehru brings to the Indian context, which, the author argues, is sometimes subsumed by our rise to deify Gandhi's politics and ideals. In trying to industrialize India and push for greater economic development by way of 5 year plans, Tharoor maintains that Nehru has indelibly marked our democratic legacy.This book is not just an important historical and national tract on the growth and development of modern India. It can also be read as a testament to Nehru's own principles, ideals, policies and personal life story as it ran parallel with the development of India. Key Features: The book has been hailed as an international bestseller. It received numerous mentions from critically acclaimed publications like the L.A Times, the New York Times, Time Magazine and Outlook, among many others.