Mysterious Tales from the Hills's front cover

Mysterious Tales from the Hills

Rs 312
Genre:Poetry, Drama & Literature
Language : English
Published: November 05, 2021

About the Book

Intuition must be a family trait, because it came to me quite suddenly—the thought that Uncle Bill might be intending to poison me.’ The unknown is often something that piques the interest of a reader and a traveller. While legends and myths are universally liked, it is the tales of the locals that are rich in mystery and intrigue. These are the stories that add to the charm of the town and attract people from all walks of life. It could be anything—a local unsolved murder, a disappearance, a case of poisoning or unknown swamp creatures—Mysterious Tales from the Hills has something for everyone. If you have a healthy appetite for horror, a little spookiness and a whole lot of wonder, this book is for you!