Mr Revolutionary From Dharahara To 9/11 Twin Towers

by Daniel Karki

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Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Indian / Foreign Publisher
Genre: Fiction-related Items
Language: English
Origin: India
ISBN13: 9789353618223
ISBN10: 9353618223
Pages: 350
Published: 2019

In order to revolutionise the entire society, he carried a gun for insurrection. Numerous attacks were carried out by him during the revolution. His mother, Sumina was confined at the brothel. He was convicted from the court because of war era cases. Dharahara collapsed during the earthquake and he got wounded physically. Afterwards, He shared out his living room with a lady who had lost all family members in Gorkha earthquake. He became an absconding murder convict and spent the underground life. During the course of his struggle, he became a TPS holder in U.S.A. With the same destiny, the victimised people of 9/11 twin towers were having conversation with him and sharing their grievances as well. His course of life was deviating from the main goal. Ultimately, his TPS was terminated and remained taciturn.