Mountains Painted With Tumeric
Mountains Painted With TumericMountains Painted With Tumeric

Mountains Painted With Tumeric

A Translation of the Nepali Novel 'Basain' by Michael J. Hutt

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Language: English


Weight:200 g

From the backcover

“Chettri’s novel is a moving example of social realism, and Hutt’s elegant translation lends it a timeless fable-like tone with a gorgeous rendering of the natural scenery.”

— Publishers Weekly


“Michael J. Hutt's contribution as a translator and critic of Nepali literature has been invaluable. With Mountains Painted with Turmeric, he brings to light an iconic Nepali novel: the story of sheltered villagers faced with a harsh, changing world. Hutt's rendition is sensitive and skilled. Through his translation, he shares with us his deep empathy for and a fine understanding of Nepali reality.” 

— Manjushree Thapa, writer, and translator


“This is a moving story, depicting in wonderfully rich detail the round of village life: the daily farm work and chores, the gossip chain, the weekly market, the limited opportunities, the rapacious rich preying on the poor, and women's particular vulnerabilities. Reading this story could contribute to understanding why poor villagers would join the Maoists.”

— Ann Hunkins, poet, and translator

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