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Mending the Mind The Art and Science of Overcoming Clinical Depression

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Genre:Mental Health Services
Language: English
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Published: January 20, 2022

About the Book

'A tour de force . . . an important, affecting and effective book' ALASTAIR CAMPBELL
'[A] gorgeous and urgent book' STEVEN PINKER
'Reminds us that, despite our hazy understanding of depression, and despite the true horror of the illness, some hope for recovery remains' THE TIMES
'Extremely intelligent, compassionate and well-written' EVENING STANDARD

Sadness is an inevitable part of life, but for most of us it coexists with happiness. Clinical depression, however, unhinges us from everything we know about the world and makes us strangers to those we love. It is the predominant mental-health problem worldwide, affecting more than 250 million people. Yet how much do we really know about the condition and how to treat it? Drawing on his own experience of a disorder that has afflicted humanity throughout history, Oliver Kamm charts the progress of science in understanding depression and explores insights from writers and artists through the ages. Hopeful, revelatory and deeply versed in current research,
Mending the Mind sets out in plain language how clinical depression can be countered - and may eventually be overcome.