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Mastering Behaviour Managing Self and Others

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Genre:Business & Management, Business Strategy
Language: English
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Published: December 19, 2023

About the Book

A new workplace challenges you to pay attention to the aspects that drive your behaviour, attitudes, perceptions, and emotions. At the same time, recognizing the motives, needs, and emotions of others is imperative for personal leadership. This book will help you hone your collaborative instincts, embrace diversity, and engage effectively in a professional setting.
Based on the author's experiences, and her observations over the years,
Mastering Behaviour explores the main drivers of organizational behaviour. Applying popular psychology theories, the book helps in tackling difficult interpersonal and behavioural issues at work, such as personality clashes, stress, handling difficult interactions, and workplace loneliness.
With rapid technological advancement changing the way we connect, this book will provide insights to the real-world challenges of developing greater trust, engagement, and collaboration within teams and the organization.