Mahi's front cover

Mahi The Elephant Who Flew Over The Blue Mountains

Rs 640
Language : English
Published: December 04, 2023

About the Book

Mahi started running towards the cliff ... The wind whistled in his ears as he gathered speed ... He could even hear Gherundo and Duranto laughing. Were they screaming 'fly, fly, fly'-or was it 'die, die, die'?

When Mahi, a young elephant, decides to fulfil his dream of flying over the blue mountains, little does he know that he's setting in motion a chain of events that will endanger him, his mother and the whole of Anastan. He has only one goal-to find and rescue Varana, his father, former chief of the herd, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Trumpo, their vice president, is convinced that the wicked tigers of Pulistan have killed Varana. But can Mahi trust Trumpo? Who is his friend, and who is his foe?

Allegorical and satirical, but also hilarious and delightful, this story will entertain both children and older readers as they join Mahi on his exciting journey and discover whether he does, one day, really soar over the blue mountains.