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Madness An Anthology of World Poetry

Edited by Keshab Sigdel
Rs 999
Genre:Poetry Anthology
Language: English


Dimensions:5.472 x 8.268 x 1.653 inches
Weight:600 g

About the Book

Embark on an astounding journey through the depths of human emotion with 'Madness: An Anthology of World Poetry.' Edited by Keshab Sigdel and published by Redpanda Books, this monumental anthology features 297 award-winning and genius poets from 101 countries and territories, inviting you to explore the enigmatic realm of madness. Within its 616 pages, the poets navigate the full spectrum of human experience, from delicate melancholy to intense anger. Their verses offer a unique perspective, portraying madness as a pathway to compassion and understanding rather than something to be feared. Let these poignant verses transport you to a realm where emotions run wild and the beauty of madness unfolds.