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Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas

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Language: English
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Published: January 01, 2011

About the Book

Kaveri, the protagonist of the novel, is a 29-year-old, who is soon turning 30. She is a single woman who is in search of her true love that has eluded her this far. She is an interpreter by profession and has mastered seven languages. She has read many books on men and how to land a date, yet she struggles to find a perfect partner. Her friend Aditi, who is quite experienced in terms of love and relationships, offers to help her by arranging dates for Kaveri. After a slew of unsuccessful dates, she does finally end up in a relationship, which is kind of ephemeral with the man, but true and eternal with her own self. The plot of the novel progressively moves from Kaveri being a lonely 30-year-old single woman, who is going through the roller coaster ride of a romantic relationship, to her discovering her own individuality.