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Little Book of Ancient Chinese Therapies

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Published: January 05, 2021

About the Book

The Little Book of Ancient Chinese Therapies is a clear and accessible introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine, an ancient system of health and wellness.

This trusty tome explores the thinking behind Traditional Chinese Medicine, and how those who practice it strive to bring balance to their patients with a slower-paced, more holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. Each therapy and it health benefits are explained clearly, introducing readers to the likes of acupressure and musical therapy as well as to the use of Tai Chi and Qigong to create a sense of inner calm.

Sample content: Music Therapy

As with all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, music is closely connected to the five elements or "five phases", as the elements are sometimes referred to. According to ancient Chinese thought, each musical note is associated with one of the elements and each corresponds to the internal organs. Specific imbalances of yin and yang within the body can be improved by listening to certain tones of music.

Jiao is the equivalent of the Western musical note "E". It represents the element of Wood and is known as the sound of spring. It promotes the correct functioning of the liver and relieves depression.